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Car garage in Volos

C A R   S O F T W A R E   D E V E L O P M E N T

By upgrading the brain, we virtually "free" the power cut by the factory. With the vehicle's credibility and driveability in mind, we achieve an increase of 10-15% and up to 70% in turbocharged turbo engines.
Depending on the technology of each brain, some have been hampering the opening and change of the factory chip containing cartography, and some can be programmed from the diagnostic door of the car without a screw on the car.


The benefits that appear after the software development:


Power and torque across the spectrum of motor operation.
Better acceleration and top speed.
Reduced consumption in daily quiet driving and on the trip
More comfortable and restful operation of the car.
After upgrading, there is no problem with the issue of the exhausts card at the KTEO.
There is no burden on engine longevity.
There is always the possibility of measuring the horsepower of the car before and after in our own dynamometer


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